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  • NEW! Morning LIVE classes with Nicole, Saturdays at 11:00am - 12:15pm ET; Tuesdays at 9:15am - 9:45am ET. Get a personalized practice for your stage of pregnancy by attending live virtual classes from your computer or tablet.

  • Unlimited replays of the live classes and all classes in the library.

  • Six pre-recorded prenatal yoga videos, 10 - 30 minutes long, to take you through routines for when you're feeling ready for an active flow, in need of some rest-inducing stretching, or looking for specific pain relief.

  • Five 5-10 minute meditations, visualizations and breathing practices for calming anxiety, getting back to sleep and boosting your mindset.

  • BONUS LESSONS: How to do core work during pregnancy, safe squatting techniques, and how to minimize Diastasis Recti during pregnancy.

  • An in-course discussion group where you can ask Nicole and Kendra questions and connect with other mothers who are taking the classes with you.

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  • Your OB has recommended prenatal yoga but you're just not sure what you can and can’t do during pregnancy, and don't want to hurt the baby.

  • You have nagging hip, lower back, or sciatic pain that won't quit and you just want to have a minute of relief.

  • You're craving consistency in a weekly yoga practice, in-the-moment feedback on your form and the ability to have your questions answered live.

  • You're feeling anxious during pregnancy and looking for natural ways to feel calm and clear-headed.

  • You're feeling detached, overwhelmed or shocked by the changes in your body and you want to build your toolbox of practices to help you feel more connected and in control.

Your Instructors

  • Nicole Coons, CPYT/CYT, PCES

    Nicole Coons, CPYT/CYT, PCES

    Prenatal and Postnatal Yoga Instructor + Trauma-informed Teacher + Postpartum Corrective Exercise Specialist

    Nicole is a mom of two and an experienced yoga teacher and coach to women who want to feel vibrant and strong through pregnancy, postpartum and beyond. Guided by her lifelong passions for movement, mindfulness and personal growth, Nicole delivers transformative programs that address the whole woman—mental, physical, emotional and spiritual—to help release stress and anxiety, ease the aches and pains of pregnancy and postpartum, and cultivate strength and confidence for birth and motherhood. ​ Presenting the teachings of Yoga, Meditation, Nutrition, and Ayurvedic Self-care through her creative lens, she guides her students to deeper levels of awareness, appreciation, ease and love so they can restore their energy and strength sustainably.
  • Kendra Fitzgerald, PCES, TBMM-CES, CYT, CPT

    Kendra Fitzgerald, PCES, TBMM-CES, CYT, CPT

    Prenatal & Postpartum Corrective Exercise Specialist + Personal Trainer + Yoga Teacher + Anatomy Geek

    Kendra Fitzgerald is a Prenatal & Postpartum Corrective Exercise Specialist, Personal Trainer, and Yoga Teacher, and a mother of 2 boys. Her years of experience with and curiosity about the human body have informed Kendra's method of training, which focuses on alignment, proper form and corrective exercise to help her clients live pain free. Kendra is most well known for melding her clinical expertise with creativity and a lighthearted perspective. At the end of the day, she understands that her clients are real people with real lives, it is her job to help them tune into the power of their own bodies.

We believe

Yoga awakens all the important aspects we need as women to productively and consciously give birth to a baby – physical asana practice, meditation, breath work and attention to the present moment and trust in ourselves.

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What our students say...

  • Feeling Great

    Karlene Serrano

    Loved this course. So much information. So many tools. Definitely has helped me feel great a throughout my pregnancy.

    Loved this course. So much information. So many tools. Definitely has helped me feel great a throughout my pregnancy.

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"Nicole is awesome and her classes are renewing. I made myself [practice] when I was exhausted and I always felt better."     

- Natalie, New Jersey

Everything You Need for a Strong & Calm Pregnancy

Expand each module to see what's included!

  • 1
    • Welcome! How to get the most out of these classes
    • Tips on poses to avoid in pregnancy (How to modify)
  • 2
    🔴 LIVE with Nicole - Prenatal Yoga Classes // Weekly // Tuesday & Saturday
    • Information about LIVE Classes
    • LIVE Prenatal Yoga Class - SATURDAYS - 11:00 am ET (75 min)
    • LIVE Prenatal Yoga Class - TUESDAYS - 9:15 am ET (30 min)
  • 3
    🔴 LIVE with Kendra - Prenatal Strength Classes // Weekly // Wednesday
    • LIVE Prenatal Strength Class - WEDNESDAYS - 10:00 am ET (20 min)
  • 4
    ▶️ Live Yoga Class REPLAYS - Saturdays (55-75 minute practices)
    • Prenatal Yoga Class Well-rounded Flow for 2nd and 3rd Trimesters (75min) May 1
    • Prenatal Yoga - Care for Achy Areas & Moving Into Wholeness (76min) April 24
    • Prenatal Yoga Class - New Moon Practice: Moving Into Stillness (51min) April 10
    • Prenatal Yoga - Gentle Flow + Core Basics (60 min) April 3
    • Prenatal Yoga - Core & Alignment for Low Back Pain Relief (62min) March 20
    • Prenatal Yoga - 2nd and 3rd Trimester Practice Relieve Low Back Pain (56min) March 13
    • Prenatal Yoga - Supportive Practice for Nausea, Acid Reflux and Round Ligament Pain - (53min) March 6
    • Prenatal Yoga - Mostly Upright Practice to Combat Reflux (75 min) - Feb 27
    • Prenatal Yoga - Hip Opening (65 min) Feb 20
    • Prenatal Yoga - Front Body Opening + SI Pain Relief (55 min) Feb 13
    • Prenatal Yoga - Upper Body Release (65 min) Feb 6
    • Prenatal Yoga - Full Body Flow + Inner Thighs, Glutes and Hips (63 min) Jan 30
    • Prenatal Yoga - Side Body Expansion & Inviting Space (65 min) Jan 23
    • Prenatal Yoga - Low Back Pain Relief in Pregnancy & Birth (70 min) Jan 16
    • Prenatal Yoga - Well-rounded Flow for Balanced SI Joint Action & Twisting (56 min) Jan 9
    • Prenatal Yoga - Priming the body for ease in twisting & squats (1h 8 min) Jan 2, 2021
    • Prenatal Yoga - Relief for Charlie Horses and Stuck Hips (Calves, Hips and Hamstrings) // BONUS! Flipping a Breech Baby with Forward Leaning Inversion (62 min) Dec. 26
    • Prenatal Yoga - Second & Third Trimester Power Flow (57 min) Dec. 19
    • Prenatal Yoga - Connecting To and Moving From Your Center Amidst the Chaos (1h 6 min) Dec 12
    • Prenatal Yoga - Upper Body & Front Hip Opening with Support (66 min) - Dec. 5
    • Prenatal Yoga - Advancing Your Skill With Core and Pelvic Floor Connection (56 min) - Nov. 28
    • Prenatal Yoga - Coordinating the Core, Pelvic Floor & Breathing Through Effort (1h 7min) - Nov 22
    • Prenatal Yoga - Creating Space and Ease In Upper Body - Nov 14 (1h 8m)
    • Prenatal Yoga - Release for Low Back & Hips in a Well-rounded Flow (57 minutes) - Nov 7
    • Prenatal Yoga - Low and Slow Centering Practice to Help You Weather the Ups & Downs (1h 5min) - Oct 31
    • Prenatal Yoga - Protect Core Midline / Oblique Awareness/ 2nd & 3rd trimester flow (60 min) - Oct 24
    • Prenatal Yoga - Happy Hips + Mid-back Rib Tightness (1hr 5 min) - Oct 17
    • Prenatal Yoga - How to Balance Strength and Surrender - Dynamic Flow - Practice for Birth (57 minutes) - Oct. 10
    • Prenatal Yoga - Practicing Positions for Optimal Baby Position + Easier Labor - Oct. 3
    • Prenatal Yoga - Stretch It Out & Build Body/Breath Awareness For Birth - Sept 26
    • Rejuvenating Flow for Joint Mobility, Core Activation, Chest & Hip Flexor Release - Sept 19
    • Sciatica Relief - Hip, Spine and Hamstring Release, Strengthen and Lengthen - Aug 28
    • Prenatal Yoga - Hip Balance, Low Back Expansion, Mental Calm, Guided Breathing & Relaxation - Aug 22
    • Mid-back expansion, Hamstring stretch, Core, Mental Focus - Aug 15
  • 5
    ▶️ Live Yoga Class REPLAYS - Tuesdays (30-40 min practices)
    • Prenatal Yoga Class - Whole-Body Joint Mobility and Ease (33min) April 27
    • Prenatal Yoga - Energizing Front Body Expansion & Core Stabilizing Practice (35min) April 20
    • Prenatal Yoga - Pelvic floor, hips and adductors (34min) April 13
    • Prenatal Yoga - Standing Hip Openers *Down-Dog-Free Practice!* (33 min) April 6
    • Prenatal Yoga - Twist Out Your Stiffness & Fatigue (33 min) March 30
    • Prenatal Yoga for Anxious & Worried Mind (32 min) March 23
    • Prenatal Yoga - Lower Body - Hips & Core (30 min) March 16
    • Prenatal Yoga - Gentle Well-Rounded Practice - Relief for Headaches and Fatigue (39min) March 9
    • Prenatal Yoga Lower Body Stretch & Release - (37 min) March 2
    • Prenatal Yoga - Hamstrings Reset + Strong and Long Legs (35 min) Feb 23
    • Prenatal Yoga - All Trimesters Standing Flow (34 min) Feb 16
    • Prenatal Yoga - Mobility for Joints + Sinus Pressure Release (32 min) Feb 9
    • Prenatal Yoga - Posterior Chain | Love for the Back Body (34 min) Feb 2
    • Prenatal Yoga - Flowing in all directions from your center (38 min) Jan 12
    • Prenatal Yoga - Relief for Sciatica and Low Back Pain (36 min) Dec 29
    • Prenatal Yoga - Hip Opening & Core (34 min) Jan 19
    • Prenatal Yoga - Aim True: Developing Focus From Within (38 min) - Dec. 22
    • Prenatal Yoga - Myofascial Release to Relieve Tension and Stress (39 min) Jan 5
    • Prenatal - Mobility in the Joints & Tapping Into Happiness From Within (39 min) Dec. 15
    • Prenatal Yoga - Upper Body Twist, Stretch and Strengthen (30 min) - Dec. 8
    • Prenatal Yoga - Build Stamina & Strength Standing Practice (32 min) - Dec. 1
    • Prenatal Yoga - Feel Amazing Today! Breathing Under a Brace with Core and Pelvic Stability (43 min) - Nov 24
    • Prenatal Yoga - Relief for Tight Adductors, Pelvic Heaviness and Spinal Stiffness (40 min) - Nov 17
    • Prenatal Yoga - Centering Power Flow (36 min) - Nov 3
    • Prenatal Yoga - Breath and Body Balance (37 min) - Nov. 10
    • Prenatal Yoga - Rise Up and Stretch It Out - Morning Flow (37 min) - Oct 27
    • Prenatal Yoga - Happy Hips, Happy Mama (37 min) - Oct 20
    • Prenatal Yoga - Centering + Hips & Back (Sciatica) - Easy Going Flow - Oct. 13
    • Prenatal Yoga - Safe Twisting Practice for Energy and Freedom (34 min) - Oct 6
    • Prenatal Yoga 40-minute Energizing Flow - Sept 29
  • 6
    ▶️ Live Strength Class REPLAYS - Wednesdays 20-30 min practices)
    • Prenatal Strength Training Glutes + Upper Back (17 min) May 5
    • Prenatal Strength Training - Full Body strength w/ stability ball (14 min) April 28
    • PREP FOR LABOR - Prenatal Strength Training - Pelvic Stability, Core (37min) April 21
    • Prenatal Strength Training - Back body strength (28 min) April 14
    • Prenatal Strength - Upper Body Powerhouse (34 min) April 7
    • Prenatal Strength - SI Joint Pain + Core & Shoulder Stability (31 min) March 31
    • Prenatal Strength Training - Upper Body Strength (25min) March 17
    • Prenatal Strength Training - Deep Hip Strengthening (30min) March 10
    • Prenatal Strength Training - Lower Body (22min) March 3
    • Prenatal Strength Training - Upper Body Workout (22m44s) Feb 24th
    • Prenatal Strength Training - Lower Body Strength (16m52s) Feb 17th
    • Prenatal Weight Training Class (24 min)
    • Prenatal Core Class #1
  • 7
    Collection 1: Targeted Yoga Practice Collection (Address Common Aches & Pains)
    • Prenatal Class: Pubic Pain & Round Ligament Pain (30 Min)
    • Prenatal Class: SI Joint Pain, Sciatica & Tailbone pain (30 Min)
    • Prenatal Class: All Trimester Move & Flow Practice (15 Min)
    • Prenatal Class: 3rd Trimester Active Practice (17 Min)
    • Prenatal Class: 3rd Trimester Active Practice w/ Added Relaxation (27 Min)
    • Prenatal Class: Restorative Yoga (35 Min)
  • 8
    Collection 2: Meditations for Pregnancy
    • Meditation: Getting back to sleep
    • Meditation: Calming an Anxious Mind
  • 9
    NEW!! Collection 3: Cardio Classes with Kendra (20-30 min)
    • Prenatal/Postpartum CARDIO Full Body #1
    • Prenatal/Postpartum Core + CARDIO (22min) #2
    • Prenatal/Postpartum Upper Body CARDIO (15 min) #3
    • Prenatal / Postpartum Full Body CARDIO Class #4 (16min)
  • 10
    Collection 3: How To Do Core Work in Pregnancy
    • Why we need core work during pregnancy
    • How to do core work during pregnancy
    • How to know you're doing prenatal core work correctly (and incorrectly!)
    • Integrate your core into your workouts
    • Practice: The Prenatal Core! (25 Min)
    • Core training for the pushing phase of labor
    • The workout plan that will keep you moving through pregnancy
    • Minimizing Your Diastasis During Pregnancy
  • 11
    Collection 4: Pelvic Floor & Squatting During Pregnancy
    • Pelvic Floor Safe Squatting Technique in Pregnancy
    • How-to: Pelvic Floor Wide Squats
    • How-to: Pelvic Floor Deep Squats

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We totally get it.

After four pregnancies of our own and teaching over 300 expectant mamas in person and online, we understand better than anyone that starting or keeping up with an exercise routine can be really challenging, especially when you're pregnant. 

And you certainly want to do exercise that makes you feel better, not worse.

Nicole's Story

"I had LOTS of aches and pains during my first pregnancy and my body CRAVED movement. But with my busy schedule, I just couldn't get to prenatal classes. So I rolled out my mat at home and I'm not kidding when I say - it saved me.

It was the first time in my life that I genuinely sustained a daily practice at home because I was still able to show up on those days when I was in pain or had no energy, without the drama of finding a class or making a certain schedule work. I could do yoga on my own time." -Nicole

"Just minutes after I had my first son, still in the delivery room and heart still racing from pushing, my OB asked me “Do you do yoga?” 

It was such a random question to ask a woman who just gave birth. I told him yes, I do, to which he said, “I thought so! The yoga ladies are so strong.” I had to laugh, but I felt stronger than I ever have in my life.

And I learned there is so much more to yoga than just the physical practice." -Kendra 

Kendra's Story


  • Do I have to practice every day?

    "Practice" can mean a lot of things. In pregnancy, your practice is anything that helps you connect your brain, breath and body at the same time. Ideally you can practice every day, and it could be a full movement practice, focused breathing, listening to a meditation or even just relaxing mindfully over a bolster.

  • Is it OK to start yoga during pregnancy if I've never done yoga before?

    As with any exercise, it's a good idea to listen to your doctor's advice on what's appropriate for you. That said, yoga truly is for every body, and the pregnant body benefits immensely from the combination of breathing and the right postures. Even if you have no prior experience with yoga, you will find the practices in this course accessible at any stage of pregnancy and for any fitness level.

  • At what week should I start practicing yoga? (Is 6w / 12w / 14w too early to practice?)

    You can start practicing (with your doctor's agreement) as soon as you feel ready. Fatigue and morning sickness are common in the first few weeks, so listen to your body to know when to begin. In some cases, yoga can help alleviate fatigue and nausea. Once you find out you are pregnant, it's best to avoid hot yoga and strenuous practices that are beyond your normal practice. Accessing the Devoted Mamas Prenatal Yoga practices early in your pregnancy will teach you the building blocks you need for a safe, comfortable and active pregnancy from the beginning.

  • How long are the practices?

    The pre-recorded practices are anywhere from 10 - 30 minutes long. Just enough to get you moving to feel like you've done something good, but not so long they wear you out. :) The Saturday LIVE classes with Nicole are 1 hour and 15 minutes long, which includes 15 minutes of discussion at the beginning of class and a practice that is about 55-60 minutes.

  • Where can I access my classes?

    Classes can be accessed online from your desktop, laptop, mobile phone or tablet, day or night! If you have mirroring from your phone or tablet to your Smart TV, you can project any of our classes onto your home TV.

  • Got other questions?

    Send us a DM on Instagram @devotedmamas or email us at concierge (at) devotedmamas dot com.

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