During this workshop, you’ll . . .

⚡️Understand how postpartum repair works and why it is so important.

⚡️Learn how to test yourself for Diastasis Recti with Dr. Kenael Segal.

⚡️Learn more about prolapse, incontinence, painful sex, and orthopedic issues many women experience postpartum, and how pelvic floor physical therapy can help.

⚡️Awaken your core and start the repair with our team's expert guidance.

⚡️Gain perspective on how this work extends into your daily life with your new baby.

⚡️Learn powerful self-care techniques that can speed your recovery and help you feel empowered to take care of YOU.

⚡️Become an advocate for your own well-being and begin filling your own tool-box that will help you modify ANY hardcore bootcamp or gym class so you don’t make things worse.

⚡️Walk away with a quick and surprisingly powerful 10-minute postpartum practice that you can do every day.

Start your postpartum recovery and set your fitness goals with clear direction.


Hosted by the Devoted Mamas Sisters, Kendra Fitzgerald & Nicole Coons

with special guest Dr. Kenael Segal, DPT

  • Kenael Segal PT, DPT

    Kenael Segal PT, DPT

    Physical Therapist, Doctor of Physical Therapy

    Dr. Kenael Segal, a mother of 3, is the owner of Lotus Physical Therapy and Wellness. She graduated from Rutgers University with a doctoral degree in physical therapy and an intense passion for helping women heal their bodies. In addition to a doctorate, Dr. Segal has pursued additional course work addressing conditions such as pregnancy and postpartum care, pelvic floor, and spinal conditions and specialized treatment techniques such as visceral manipulation. Dr. Segal is also trained in mat Pilates as well as comprehensively trained in the use of a variety of Pilates apparatus through Beacon Pilates.
  • Kendra Fitzgerald, PCES, TBMM-CES, CYT, CPT

    Kendra Fitzgerald, PCES, TBMM-CES, CYT, CPT

    Prenatal & Postpartum Corrective Exercise Specialist + Personal Trainer + Yoga Teacher + Anatomy Geek

    Kendra Fitzgerald is a Prenatal & Postpartum Corrective Exercise Specialist, Personal Trainer, and Yoga Teacher, and a mother of 2 boys. Her years of experience with and curiosity about the human body have informed Kendra's method of training, which focuses on alignment, proper form and corrective exercise to help her clients live pain free. Kendra is most well known for melding her clinical expertise with creativity and a lighthearted perspective. At the end of the day, she understands that her clients are real people with real lives, it is her job to help them tune into the power of their own bodies.
  • Nicole Coons, CPYT/CYT

    Nicole Coons, CPYT/CYT

    Prenatal and Postnatal Yoga Instructor + Health & Wellness Coach

    Nicole is a mom of two and an experienced yoga teacher and coach to women who want to feel vibrant and strong through pregnancy, postpartum and beyond. Guided by her lifelong passions for movement, mindfulness and personal growth, Nicole delivers transformative programs that address the whole woman—mental, physical, emotional and spiritual—to help release stress and anxiety, ease the aches and pains of pregnancy and postpartum, and cultivate strength and confidence for birth and motherhood. ​ Presenting the teachings of Yoga, Meditation, Nutrition, and Ayurvedic Self-care through her creative lens, she guides her students to deeper levels of awareness, appreciation, ease and love so they can restore their energy and strength sustainably.

Stop wondering how to begin your postpartum recovery.

Start moving with confidence and feeling like yourself, only stronger.


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