This is for you if...

  • You're tired of using your pregnancy (or kids!) as an excuse to not pay attention to your own health.

  • Your doctor gave you exercise clearance at 6 weeks but you wish you had more detailed information about what to do (and not to do).

  • You are afraid to exercise because you don't want to get hurt or make your ab separation & pelvic floor weakness worse.

  • You are ready to establish a solid foundation of strength to do what you love.


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Through this program, you will be guided through learning about your body, waking up your muscles correctly, and setting up habits that work for REAL life as a mom.

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Enroll now as a self-study!

Here's How It Works

Start your return to exercise correctly, and develop lasting strength in your body.


Content for this program is dripped weekly so you never have to worry about what to do or where to focus first. No more guesswork about how to get back to exercise! 

Each week you will have a few short video tutorials to watch (approx. 5 - 10 minutes long), plus a set of pre-recorded practices (approx. 10-20 min each day) to guide you through that week's work. 

A printable checklist of each week's exercises will make it easy to integrate your strengthening practices into your mom life (and track how well you're doing)! You will receive lifetime access to the lessons and any updates that are made in the future.

➡️  24/7 SUPPORT

You'll have direct access to Kendra & Nicole in the private Facebook Group where we can provide support, encouragement and answer any questions you have while you move through the program.


Each week as you learn about and wake up your foundational muscles and integrate what you're learning into your everyday life, you will notice a difference in how daily activities feel, how you carry yourself and even how your clothes fit. You can be feeling your muscles again within the first week, and weekly progress will motivate you to keep going.

Postpartum Repair gave Amanda the tools to feel like herself again...

Imagine if...

  • You knew exactly how to retrain your core and pelvic floor muscles so that you start improving your diastasis recti and feel your body getting stronger every single week.

  • You could feel the new-mama aches and pains melting away in your workouts instead of feeling worried that you are doing the wrong exercises or doing more than your body can handle.

  • You knew for sure that the few minutes you’re giving yourself every day for repairing your body is time well spent.

  • You started saying ‘yes’ to more challenging exercises because you feel the truly solid in your strength and confident in your body's ability.

  • You moved from surviving day-to-day to thriving despite the crazy world we live in right now.

This mom of 2 started to close her diastasis within 6 weeks...

“With each week, [Postpartum: Repair] explores a new muscle group that I either didn’t know I had or didn’t realize was so tight and in need of stretching. I’m SO excited to finally feel my core and to understand the canister muscles that define it through breath.

My diastasis recti was soft and deep, nearly 3 fingers wide upon starting and after trying to get back to the gym. After a single 6-week series, I could tell it was closing and the sides well-defined. Now after two times through the course, it’s barely a finger width and solid. My breath is deeper and my frozen back muscles have relaxed!” 

- C. Rule, RN

Your Guides

  • Kendra Fitzgerald, PCES, TBMM-CES, CYT, CPT

    Kendra Fitzgerald, PCES, TBMM-CES, CYT, CPT

    Prenatal & Postpartum Corrective Exercise Specialist + Personal Trainer + Yoga Teacher + Anatomy Geek

    Kendra Fitzgerald is a Prenatal & Postpartum Corrective Exercise Specialist, Personal Trainer, and Yoga Teacher, and a mother of 2 boys. Her years of experience with and curiosity about the human body have informed Kendra's method of training, which focuses on alignment, proper form and corrective exercise to help her clients live pain free. Kendra is most well known for melding her clinical expertise with creativity and a lighthearted perspective. At the end of the day, she understands that her clients are real people with real lives, it is her job to help them tune into the power of their own bodies.
  • Nicole Coons, CPYT/CYT, PCES

    Nicole Coons, CPYT/CYT, PCES

    Prenatal and Postnatal Yoga Instructor + Trauma-informed Teacher + Postpartum Corrective Exercise Specialist

    Nicole is a mom of two and an experienced yoga teacher and coach to women who want to feel vibrant and strong through pregnancy, postpartum and beyond. Guided by her lifelong passions for movement, mindfulness and personal growth, Nicole delivers transformative programs that address the whole woman—mental, physical, emotional and spiritual—to help release stress and anxiety, ease the aches and pains of pregnancy and postpartum, and cultivate strength and confidence for birth and motherhood. ​ Presenting the teachings of Yoga, Meditation, Nutrition, and Ayurvedic Self-care through her creative lens, she guides her students to deeper levels of awareness, appreciation, ease and love so they can restore their energy and strength sustainably.

Becky learned how tweaks to her nursing posture could reduce pain...

I felt the program gave me "permission" to start using my abs again, slowly. And gave me useful tools to build the trans-ab muscles so I can get back to my pre-pregnancy workouts. You also gave me tips on how to reduce hurting myself or overusing my back while carrying baby and nursing that I use daily."

- Becky C, NJ

We truly believe ANY mother, in ANY situation, can have a strong core and pelvic floor. Pair your commitment with a proven method + passionate experts and you've got a recipe for success.

Lifetime Access // 3 Payments of $400

What our students say:

“I started the course today and man I have to tell you...I wish I had gone through this prior to or right after my first or even second child. Your explanations are so eloquent in high-level terms but attainable. What you explain in the introduction is knowledge that was hard fought for me to attain in the year it took for me to go to three different doctors. My physical therapist has been piecemeal educating me on the concepts you review, but this is so comprehensive. Amazing course!”


“"I wanted to thank you for putting your course out into the universe! It is so well done and incredibly results driven. I'm not even through all the exercises and I'm already feeling my core again. There's all these subtle adjustments and engagement with my core throughout my day that I have not experienced in many years.”


“Before this course, I felt my body didn't go back the same after my last baby. I really liked understanding the muscles and how they are connected. I can’t say enough good things about this [course]. If you want to really understand your postpartum recovery and your body, this course is for you. I had a few ah-ha moments during the session. I feel like I understand my core muscles better.”


“This course gave me the physical tools to strengthen my core and insight into the emotional / spiritual work I need to do…and why. Don’t put off this essential work one more moment. You need and deserve this to be the best woman and therefore Mom you can be!”


“I learned some practical and useful exercises, like learning to use the breath to activate my core. This course is useful, practical, energizing and healing. I would encourage new moms to invest the time in themselves.”


“This course gave me easy to understand practices that immediately made me feel a difference. I was able to find my pelvic floor and understand how to engage it. The course gave me peace of mind that I can be repaired!”


Frequently asked Questions

  • I'm 4 weeks postpartum. Can I join the program now or do I need to wait until I'm cleared at 6 weeks?

    First, you should absolutely follow your OB/GYN and Midwife's directives. That being said, you CAN join the program before your 6 week clearance. We’ve had moms join the program 2 weeks postpartum and they found it very useful to focus on the learning during that time. We also give a lot of modifications through the classes to fit early stages of recovery, and we can offer you even more personalized feedback and support in the Facebook group while you're going through the program. PLUS, you'll have lifetime access to this course so you can digest the information at your own speed of recovery and revisit the information as you need.

  • Is it ok to do this program if I had a c-section?

    Totally! It's equally as important for c-section moms to address core and pelvic floor function. We also have a special module for c-section considerations, and you're going to love how this course helps you turn on your core and pelvic floor and addressing the numbness around your scar.

  • How many hours can I expect to work on this each week?

    With the video lessons, weekly practice, and daily habit implementation, you can expect about 3 - 5 hours each week. But most of the work can be done in small 10-minute increments of time. There are 168 hours in a week, 56 of which are spent sleeping (ideally!). That leaves you with 112 hours to allocate as you wish. Your goals are worth 5 hours a week!

  • How long will I have access to the program?

    You will have lifetime access to the Postpartum Repair & Restore course! We have found that once mothers step through the program, many get a lot of benefit from repeating the entire program or going back to certain weeks to deepen their understanding or mastery of the practices.

  • What's the benefit of using the Facebook Group included in this program?

    Imagine trying to teach yourself how to play the piano, versus having a teacher there to guide your learning and progress. The benefits of regular interaction with a teacher are many, whatever your goal. When you enroll you will get DAILY opportunities for support from both of us in a private Facebook group, where we answer your questions, help you troubleshoot, tackle motivation challenges, and more. Postpartum Repair & Restore is our most complete and proven method, refined over 5 years of working directly with hundreds of women, for restoring your muscular strength from the pelvic floor, to the core and upper back and shoulders. It combines short daily movement practices you’ll do on your own each day, informational lessons, and opportunities to submit your progress for personalized feedback. You get lifetime access. The learning is spiral - meaning most moms take advantage of this and go through it a few times because each time they do it, they access a new layer of strength, hear different information, increase intensity of their repair/restoration, and up their fitness drastically….closing Diastasis, stopping leaking, neck and back pain disappearing, and getting back to running, passing their military test, and more! Some extremely focused moms (who also had a LOT of help at home) have experienced massive recovery in just one round, but with lifetime access, you don’t have to put extra pressure on yourself if that’s not where you’re at. You can take the first round to do what you can, and then plan to repeat it when you're ready. Really, you can customize your intensity to what is going on for you, but you never get “less” of the program if things turn out differently than you’d planned. In fact, we are always making little upgrades to the program throughout the year, and you’ll get all of those upgrades automatically without paying anything extra.

  • Is this program still appropriate for someone with more severe diastasis?

    Yes! It’s totally safe for severe diastasis. Our entire method is rooted in physical therapy and corrective exercise concepts, which can set you on a really solid path. The exercises are progressive AND we teach you how to tell if you're doing the work correctly so you become the driver of your own recovery.

  • I find it really hard to motivate myself. How will this program help me stick to it?

    We hear you! It can be hard to motivate when you feel the motivation has to come out of thin air. Our method is designed to give you what is missing from most other postpartum programs that we've researched. We teach you the anatomy and mechanics of how this works so you have a visual connection to what you're doing and WHY. Armed with this information, we've found the inspiration and motivation appear quite naturally. If you're still struggling for motivation, the accountability provided in the Facebook group will light a fire. Know that there are lots of other mamas in our community who feel the same as you do. It’s one of the biggest hurdles we see mamas overcoming in this work, and they are overcoming it!

  • I have a 4 & 8 year old so I'm not exactly "postpartum" - will this course help me?

    Great question! YES! Technically, you are still postpartum because...once postpartum, always postpartum. This course would be perfect for you because issues that happen after pregnancy don't just magically disappear. In fact, diastasis recti or pelvic floor issues could be hanging around without you even knowing it. Now is the perfect time to address them, and you'll learn so much about

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