You've just been through one of the most intense and physically taxing experiences of your life, and your body feels it.

You may have spent months, even years preparing for pregnancy. You learned everything you needed to know about growing a baby and probably researched everything from what foods to eat to birth plan options to how to sleep without your legs falling asleep. And once the baby is here, all attention is on the baby. But what about YOU?

In this free course, you will:

  • See what your pelvic floor looks like

  • Find out if you have Diastasis Recti

  • Learn what exercises to AVOID postpartum

  • Learn how to start rehabbing your core from Day One!

Course curriculum

  • 1
    Your Postpartum Repair Mini Course
    • Why Start Postpartum Exercise Right Away?
    • How Pregnancy & Childbirth Affects Your Pelvic Floor
    • Do You Have Diastasis Recti? (What it Looks Like & How to Tell if You Have it)
    • Exercises to Avoid Immediately Post-Partum
    • The Pelvic Floor & How to Find it (Video 5m06s)
    • Your First Step to Rehab: Abdominal Canister Breathing (A How-To)
    • Printable PDF Guide to Abdominal Canister Breathing (How Many, and How Often!)
    • PRACTICE: Postpartum Yoga Flow Practice (10 min)
    • PRACTICE: Postpartum Yoga Flow Practice Guide PDF (10 Minute Practice)
    • PRACTICE: The Abdominal Canister Practice Video (20min44s)


Kendra Fitzgerald, PCES, CES-TBMM, CYT, CPT-ACE

  • Kendra Fitzgerald

    Kendra Fitzgerald

    Corrective Exercise Specialist + Personal Trainer + Yoga Teacher + Anatomy Geek

    Kendra Fitzgerald is a Corrective Exercise Specialist, Personal Trainer, and Yoga Teacher, teaching privately in New York City and Montclair, NJ. Her years of experience with and curiosity about the human body have informed Kendra's method of training, which focuses on alignment, proper form and corrective exercise to help her clients live pain free. Education has offered Kendra the platform for groundbreaking industry innovation, thus she credits her success to the mastery of her work and unparalleled attention to detail. A graduate of The BioMechanics Method, Institute for Integrative Nutrition, Yoga Works and certified by ACE, Kendra has completed extensive complimentary education in anatomy, physiology, kinesiology as well as corrective exercise, injury prevention and rehabilitation, sports coaching and pre- and post- natal training. Kendra has been featured in Men's Fitness, Shape, CNN, The Tampa Tribune, Curve, New York Daily News, AM New York, and TimeOut New York, and as a cover model on Yoga Zeit magazine. Kendra is most well known for melding her clinical expertise with creativity and a lighthearted perspective. At the end of the day, she understands that her clients are real people with real lives, it is her job to help them tune into the power of their own bodies.In addition to being a private trainer and teacher, Kendra is also the Founder & Director of Barefoot Tiger LLC, a world-class private fitness concierge company in NYC with 24 teachers and trainers on staff. When she's not working, Kendra loves spending time with her son Liam and husband Chris in Montclair, NJ.

Repairing your core and pelvic floor is worth every moment you can put into it.

And you can start right now.

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