Course curriculum

  • 1
    • Welcome to the Birth Club!
  • 2
    Partner Practice for Birth {Workshop Style}
    • Partner Practice for Birth - What To Expect
    • Partner Practice For Birth Workshop (2h 40min)
    • Bonus Demonstration: (Partner Practice) Hands-On Assists for Labor ( 2 videos - 17 minutes)
    • Partner Practice FAQs
  • 3
    Meditation and Visualization BONUS Bundle
    • BONUS AUDIO: Intro to Breath Practices
    • BONUS AUDIO: Breath Practice - Centering (From Anxious to Calm)
    • BONUS AUDIO: Breath Practice - Endorphin Inducing (From Tired To Vibrant)
    • BONUS AUDIO: Breath Practice - Baby Down (From Spacey to Focused)
    • BONUS AUDIO: Affirmations for Pregnancy and Birth
    • BONUS AUDIO: Guided Visualization for Being In Your Birth
  • 4
    Mother's Preparation for Birth {Workshop Style}
    • Mother's Practice for Birth - What To Expect
    • Movement Class #1: Aligning the Pelvis & Baby for Birth (59m47s)
    • Movement Class #2: Breathing for Birth (1h2m)
    • Movement Class #3: Legs - Strengthen + Stretch (45m01s)
    • Movement Class #4 Pelvic Floor - The Pushing Phase of Labor (1h9s)
    • Movement Class #5: Upper Body Strength + Stretch (1h)
    • Movement Class #6: Putting it all together: Visualize Yourself in Birth - Rhythm, Ritual and Rest
  • 5
    Postpartum Planning: Preparing Your Nest
    • Postpartum Planning - What to Expect
  • 6
    BONUS! Foodie Mama - Resources for Nourishment
    • Welcome! An invitation to share your input
    • Easy & Nutritious Spring/Summer Breakfasts
    • Winter Pick-Me-Up Snacks
    • Easy & Nutritious Fall/Winter Breakfasts
    • Clean & Nutritious Fall/Winter Lunches
    • Festive Non-Alcoholic Drinks Collection

What Moms & Their Partners Say

“[My birth] was great, I felt like I was in control the whole time and I have to thank you, the program and the amount of information and education on the whole process!!! Laboring is a much more complex, personal and out-of-body experience than people really provide context on and I feel so excited and happy to have spent the time learning and getting up to speed on the process. Thank you for your go further with my practice." - Marinela, Cranford, NJ,VBAC mama

“I feel more prepared and more knowledgeable about my options for birth. I also feel more optimistic about the experience in general. The class presented a perspective on birth that is new to me, but very appealing. - Meghan, Cranford, NJ

“I liked learning some techniques for coping even while I’m in the bed and being monitored. It makes me feel like I will have a little more control over my birth experience. Thank you!” - Cranford, NJ 

“Each time I work with Nicole I feel stronger, more supported and clearer with my priorities. Connecting with Nicole reminds me that I can do this, I can do it well, and I can enjoy this experience of pregnancy and birth. People around me are constantly shocked that I am looking forward to giving birth! Nicole is so excellent at what she does!" - Crystal, Italy

“I loved today’s workshop and found it really helpful for partners to be present to dismiss any former preconceived notions about what labor is supposed to look like. I found the stages of labor with notes on what to focus on extremely helpful. I also found the partner practice exercises extremely useful.” - Michelle, Cranford, NJ


Feeling more confident going into the birth was a significant shift for me. I believe my labor went smoothly this time because of what I learned in our yoga classes and partner workshop. Nicole has a wealth of knowledge from tips on preparing the body to the most practical ways of how to approach birth, different position options, anatomy, and more. [During the Partner Workshop] I was able to share some concerns and talk about the plan in a safe and educated space, where my husband and I probably wouldn’t have discussed it on our own or have gotten very far, so it felt like we were on the same page going into the day. That right there was a huge accomplishment and gift!


I labored naturally until 8cm, had no tearing, and my weeks 0-6 recovery couldn't have been smoother this time around. I felt I was able to focus on the baby's needs and the beauty of those first newborn weeks versus medical struggles which I had with the first child.” - Brooke, Basking Ridge, NJ

“Birth planning was going well, although some things were canceled due to the pandemic, along with a lot of doctor's appointments. From taking Nicole's prenatal yoga classes, I loved learning from her about getting in touch with my pregnant body. As it is our first pregnancy, I thought a birthing class would be helpful and reassuring. We learned so many new things we weren't aware of about the labor process! I feel much more comfortable and ready to bring this baby into the world! The idea of taking each contraction one at a time and staying in the moment. Also, my husband says he feels so much more confident that he will be able to be there for me following the class. I feel much more ready in my mind and confident in my body's ability to do what it was made for. If you 100% commit to [the Partner Workshop] you will get so much out of it! We both feel much more confident about the process and what will be happening. It is absolutely worth taking!-Erin, 38 weeks, 1st pregnancy



“I worked with Nicole in preparation for the birth of my second daughter. Because I was so busy chasing around an adventurous toddler, I worked with Nicole mostly in one-on-one sessions that comprised yoga practice / asana, discussion, and meditation. I also participated in Nicole’s online classes that are a combination of yoga practice and guided discussion questions and journaling.

“The most valuable part of working with Nicole was the work we did to re-process both the trauma and joy of my first birth, and to prepare myself mentally and spiritually for this birth. The two most important things I leveraged from our sessions together were mindfulness and acceptance. I had a very detailed birth plan that included things over which I had some degree of control. Working with Nicole, I was able to let go of the anxiety of what unexpected (and potentially unwelcome) things might happen during labor and delivery. I was able to let go of a lot of expectations that things needed to happen a certain way. Because of this, I had a dramatically different mindset during labor this time around. I was able to process things as they were happening, to pause and take a breath and then make decisions that were in my best interest. There were a few scary things that happened in my labor that were out of my control. But when I look back on the entire experience, my overriding emotions are acceptance, peacefulness, joy, and love.


“I also enjoyed the asana practices in the online course. I liked that each practice was connected to a particular chakra – the heart practice in particular had an almost immediate effect on creating a sense of warmth and love.” - Julie, New Jersey


“[The Partner Practice For Birth Workshop] was a great experience. Coming into this class I did not have much knowledge of the birthing process. This class has provided me with much-needed insight and useful tips to assist my wife during labor. Thank you for everything.” 
-Phillip, dad-to-be, Cranford, NJ